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According to International Regulations established by the Associazione Verace Pizza (True Neapolitan Pizza Association), to cook authentic Neapolitan pizza, the stone temperature of the wood-fired oven needs to be in the range of 430°C – 480° C (806°F – 896°F). If you are in pursuit of the perfect Neapolitan style pizza, the Saputo stones are a must-have accessory for your pizza baking experience.

Unparalleled Performance

Neapolitan Pizza Makers Agree

Did you know that 90% of pizzerias in Naples use Saputo stones inside their pizza ovens? The pizzerias of Naples choose Saputo because their stones (‘Biscotto’) are the only stones available that have the unique quality of being able to cook a pizza in the temperature range of 806°F – 896°F for 60-90 seconds, without burning the bottom of the pizza. These results cannot be replicated with any other material. Simply put, no other material performs like a Saputo pizza stone.

Best Pizza Stone for Neapolitan Pizza

Handmade in Naples, Italy

The Birthplace of Pizza

Saputo stones are handmade by Italian artisans in Naples Italy using the methods and techniques that have been used for generations. Saputo mines its clay from the gulf of Naples. This alluvial clay imparts each pizza stone with unique mineral content that is exclusive to this region of Italy. Using the local clay, each stone begins its life by being hand formed into wooden molds. The clay forms are then air dried allowing the clay to release a specific amount of moisture before firing. Once sufficiently air dried, the forms are carefully loaded into a wood fired kiln. The kiln is fired to a specific temperature, and the artisans stay with the kiln for several days & nights to maintain the kiln temperature. Once the firing process is complete, the stones are removed and ready for use.

The folks at Saputo are dedicated craftsmen. Having tried many different methods & materials to produce the best pizza stone, this is the process that yields the world’s best performing pizza stone.


Pizza Stone Upgrade

The Saputo Traditional Round Stone is the ideal upgrade for any home, restaurant, or catering venue that already has a traditional built-in ceramic pizza oven. No other material cooks a pizza like traditional biscotto from Saputo. This four stone set comes in two sizes: 104 and 120. The 104 offers you a cooking surface totaling in 41″ of diameter. The 120 offers you a cooking surface totaling in 47″ of diameter. If you are looking to cook authentic Neapolitan pizza, this is the material you want to cook your pizza on. Saputo: the first choice of discerning pizzaioli!


Stone Set


Temperature Range



11.8″ x 13.7″

300°F – 905°F

Alluvial Clay


13.7″ x 15.7″

300°F – 905°F

Alluvial Clay


How to Purchase

Saputo pizza stones can be purchased through the official North American distributor, Fontana Forni USA. At this time, Saputo stones are available as an optional upgrade with the purchase of our Margherita, Mangiafuoco, Marinara, Margherita Gas, or Mangiafuoco Gas outdoor pizza oven.

Unfortunately, we have discontinued selling the Saputo Traditional Round Stone upgrade as a stand alone product for traditional ceramic pizza ovens.

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